Paragraph Numbering

Paragraph numbering is a necessary technique for very formal documents such a policies, procedures manuals, and documents of a legal nature.

Setting paragraph numbering can be quite difficult, even frustrating, if you do not go about it the right way.

The following example is from a policy manual for a junior cricket club. Notice not only the numbering system for paragraphs but also the indenting of paragraphs which give a professional look to the document.

The above example has OUTLINE NUMBERING.

You will need to go to Format on the menu, then click on Bullets and Numbering, and then select Outline Numbering.

You will have a number of options as per the following illustration. To achive the result as above, you will need to select the options as indicated by the red circle.

Download the basic document without the outline numbering.

Then try out the instructions as per the demo - click here.



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