Page Orientation

The illustration below shows a three page document in which the first and thrid pages are in portrait orientation and the second (middle) page is in landscape orientation.

Portrait orientation = normal - longest side of page is vertical (upright)

Landscape orientation = page is laying on it side, shortest side of page is upright.


Changing the orientation of a page is easy. You must click on File on the main menu and then select Page Setup.

This will bring up the Page Setup controls as in the picture below:

Choose the orientation you want where the red circle on the left shows. You can make this page orientation effective for the 'whole document', 'this point forward" or 'this section' by changing the control in the red circle on the right of the page setup box (above).

If you select 'this point forward', Microsoft Word will insert a section break (wherever your cursor is, so be careful) and the next page in your document will adopt the orientation desired. Therefore, to achieve the example at the top of this page, you would carry out this procedure once with your cursor on the bottom line of the first page and then once with your cursor at the bottom of the second page.

The illustration below shows another method which involves putting in section breaks manually yourself.

In this method you must put in both section breaks first, and then you click anywhere on the second page and change (through page setup) the orientation of the second page.



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