The use of columns is a standard method for increasing the readability of documents. The example document below is divided into two columns with a line in between. A line of text in each column averages about 8 - 9 words. A shorter line is easier to read.

Another benefit is that the use of columns actually saves space, and therefore a document uses less paper. Try it! You will be amazed.

Using columns in documents is particularly prevalent in newsletters, brochures and articles.

The procedure for formatting a document with columns is reasonably simple. see instructions below.


Step 1

Open the document with file name of wordex10.doc. This file has the title “Fundamentals of Warming Up”. This document is a “One Column” Document (which you might regard as normal).  You are going to change this document to a “Two Column” document. Multiple column documents are prevalent in magazines and newspapers.

Step 2

Click on Format on the menu, and look for Columns.  If you cannot see it, you may need to expand the menu by clicking on the double downward arrow at the bottom of the Format menu (see illustration on the right).

Step 3

Next change the number of columns from one to two (see illustration below).

Step 4

Decide for yourself whether some types of documents are easier to read if in two or three columns.


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