Autotext is a very useful function for storing items that your regularly need/use in creating documents in a sort of library for quick recall. You can use the procedures outlined below to store text, table and graphics that you commonly use.

Step 1

Open MS Word and save the new document as "Autotext Test" in the "My Document" folder on C: drive. Do not close it.



Step 2

In your new document type your name and address as a block as you would if you were writing a letter:

Leo Isaac

Buckingham Palace

London SW1

United Kingdom




Step 3

Highlight this address block with your mouse.

Then go to "Insert" on the MS Word menu bar at the top of your screen and select "Autotext".

In the Autotext menu select "New".

A small dialog box will appear as on right

This dialog box asks you to give a name for the autotext entry you are creating. You can give it any name you like but it is suggested that you call it something that you will be easily able to identify as your address block i.e. "Yourname" Address Block.



Step 4

Now open a new document by clicking on File on the MS Word menu bar at the top of your screen and then selecting New.

In your new document click on Insert on the MS Word menu and then select Autotext as in the illustration on the right.

Then click on "Autotext" again (there are two in the illustration –click the one on the right)





Step 5

Scroll down the list of Autotext entries that appear. One of the entries will be the one you created.



Remember you can store any amount of text in your library by using these procedures and/or you can store pictures.

Try now to create an autotext entry for any of the pictures you can find in the clipart gallery that comes with Word 97. You can find this clipart gallery by clicking on the Insert menu and then Picture.


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