Adding Bookmarks


To complete this exercise you will need to download the following file:

Right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" -
then save file to your C:/My Documents Directory

When you have completed the download you will need to find and open the file with MS Word.

The main purpose of adding bookmarks to a complex document is improve navigation (find something quickly).

Hit the F5 key or alternatively select "Go To" from the "Edit" menu. You will see a dialog box as per the illustration below:

Select "Bookmark" and you will see the "down arrow" appear which is circled. If you click on this a drop down box will open which will show only two bookmarks - Funding and Newsletter. Select the Newsletter bookmark and click on the "Go To" button. This should quickly take you to the Newsletter part of the report.

Now it's your turn!

Select "Bookmark" from the "Insert" menu and insert bookmarks in the appropriate place for each of the following (you will have to find these headings first).

    • Auditor's Report

    • Athlete Development

    • Regionalisation

Note: Be careful - where you place your cursor is where the bookmark will be inserted.



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