Creating an Index


To complete this exercise you will need to download the following file:

Right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" -
then save file to your C:/My Documents Directory
The Fundamentals of Warming Up wordex10.doc

When your download is completed you will need to find and open the file with MS Word.

Your task is to make a simple index at the back of the file (as you would find in the back of a textbook).

To do this you will first have to "mark" a number of words that you want to appear in the index that you will create.

Now dowload the file if you have not already done so.

The following six (6) words appear in bold in the document "The Fundamentals of Warming Up":

    • Sweat (pg 1)
    • Stretching (pg 1)
    • Viscosity (pg 2)
    • Hemoglobin (pg 2)
    • Callisthenics (pg 2)
    • Fatigue (pg 2)
    • Duration (pg 2)

Locate these words in bold.

Double click on the first word "sweat" and the word should become highlighted.

Then, from the "Insert" menu select "Index and Tables" (or in later versions of MS Word select "Reference", then "Index and Tables") and a dialog box as below will appear.

Now click on the "Mark Entry" button and the "Mark Entry" dialog box will open.

Type the words "Warm-up" where you see "Main Entry" and where you see "Subentry" type "Sweat". (See the illustration below). Now click straight on the "Mark" button to create your first index entry. You can keep the "Mark Index Entry" box open for your next entry.

Now move to and double click on the next word in our list i.e. "Stretching" and click on the "Mark" button. Continue the same process until all the words are indexed. When all seven of the above words have been marked close the "Mark Index Entry" box - you are now ready to create your Index.

Go to the end of the document (page 3) and you will see the word "Index". Put your cursor on the line below this word and from the "Insert" menu select "Index and Tables" once more.

When the "Index and Tables" dialog box opens just click on OK and see what happens. Word has built an index in alphabetical order:

Your finish index should look like the following:

  Callisthenics, 2
  Duration, 2
  Hemoglobin, 2
  Stretching, 1
  Sweat, 1
  Viscosity, 2

You can experiment with different types of index format. Have a look through a few text books to see different ways of presenting an index.


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