The Use of Styles


The use of Styles is a time saving feature that is highly recommended when developing complex documents or even for short documents.

To see how the Styles concept works open up MS Word and, in a new document, type (or copy and paste) the following text in the following box.

The Recreation Industry


The Recreation Industry has five sectors:


Outdoor Recreation


Community and Government

Gambling and Racing

There has been a recent push for the Gambling and Racing sector to be recognised as an industry on its own.

The Sport Sector


Provision of facilities, services and programs that contribute to opportunities for people to participate in activities that require physical effort and skills, are competitive and have formal rules.


Sport specific coaching

Competition organisation

Education of coaches and officials

Sports administration

Venues for sport, indoor and outdoor


Step 1
Click anywhere on the top line of the text you have just typed i.e. on the line "The Recreation Industry". Click only once.  
Step 2

On the Format toolbar towards the top of your screen you will see a box as in Figure 1 in the top left part of your screen.

This is the STYLES box.

   Figure 1
Step 3

Now click on the black down arrow on the right of the Styles box as illustrated by Figure 2.

A "drop down" box will open.

Select from the "drop down" box the style "Heading 1" and you will see the results of instant formatting to your top line.

Figure 2

Step 4
Click anywhere on the second line of the text you typed i.e. on the line "Sectors". Click only once.  
Step 5

Click again on the down arrow of the STYLES box and select "Heading 2" from the drop-down box. You will now see instant formatting applied to your second line of text.

Repeat this procedure with the line of text "The Sport Sector".


Step 6

Highlight lines 4 – 8 inclusive in the text you have typed. These are the lines:


Outdoor Recreation


Community and Government

Gambling and Racing

Step 7

Now click once in the STYLES box and type "List Bullet" and hit Enter.

Remember you must tell the computer what you want to change first. You do this by selecting the text with cursor before you apply styles.



Step 8

When you have done this the line of text you selected with your cursor should now look like this:

  • Sport
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Fitness
  • Community and Government
  • Gambling and Racing

This happens because "List Bullet" is one of very many built in Styles in Microsoft Word, just like "Heading 1" and "Heading 2".


Step 9

Now format the rest of the text so that it looks like the following in Figure 5.

Figure 5


Step 10

Lastly, you can modify the way the in-built styles look. You can change the font, size, colour, numbering, borders and shading etc.

Go to the Format menu and look for Styles. Then select the styles you want to modify.


Step 11

Consider this:

If you were writing a very long document and use styles all the time, you could make major changes to the way your document looks with just a few clicks inside the Format Styles box.


Tip of the Day

Never use the default style of "Normal". For ordinary lines of text (not headings, etc) use the style "Body Text". You can then make changes in the normal style that will effect everything e.g. type of font, line spacing, etc. Normal style will effect your headings as well.

You can also then make changes to "Body Text" without affecting your heading styles.


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