Making your own toolbar


Make a New Template

Open a new blank document in MS Word [File New]

Save document as a template immediately [File Save As Save as Type Document Template (*.dot)]

Step 1

Figure 1 will show you where to find "Save As Type".

You can call your template by your first name or name you care to choose.

Do not close new template.

Figure 1

Step 2

In your new template set up a new personal toolbar.

To make a new toolbar [Click on View Toolbars Customize Click on New Give a name to the new toolbar Ensure that the new toolbar only appears in your personalised template not – [see Make Toolbar Available To].

A small little toolbar will appear on your screen about 1cm square.

You might find it hard to find! It looks like this:

Figure 2

Now that you have your own personal toolbar, you can put onto it many useful things.

If you loose this toolbar at anytime you can get it back by clicking on View Toolbars.


Step 3

Click on Tools on the menu then Customize.

In the dialog box that opens click on the "Command" Tab and then select "View" in the Categories box and then select "Show All" in the Commands box.

Note: You select any category or any command you like – the following procedure will work with anything you select.

Click once on "Show all" drag this item to your new toolbar which will now look like the following:

Not very impressive I hear you say, but in fact you can make you own personal toolbar as large as you like to include all your favourite commands, autotext, styles, etc.

In fact you can make your own toolbars for different tasks.

Figure 3

Step 4

Try adding to you personal toolbar some more items.

You can only do this while your "Customize" dialog box is open.




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